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HOME LINKS CONTACT AVAILABLE LISTS WISHLISTS PASSION TIMBREHello, This site aims at expanding my network of contacts in order to develop my stamp collection. I collect stamps from all the countries of the world. I know it's hard to believe but I am trying to obtain a complete worldwide stamp collection. I prefer used stamps for several reasons: the storage, handling and also the cost but I do take new stamps also, with or without hinge, if the cost is about the same. There are different sections on this site where you will find my needs and the duplicate stamps that I have. All my wish-lists are, by default, based on Yvert and Tellier catalogs. However, some are based on other catalogues for international trade as requested. I have no written lists of the duplicate stamps I have, only scans by country. I exchange according to the prices in the catalog of your choice (Yvert / Michel / Scott / Stanley Gibbons or other) or stamp against stamp except for the most expensive stamps. I am open to all forms of exchange. I want good quality stamps: not torn or damaged and no short teeth. I can also buy stamps that I do not have, contact me to give me your requirements or to receive mine. You can contact me at passiontimbre@free.fr Looking forward to reading from you soon. Jean-Charles